Terms and Conditions for users of the Services


  • 1. General
  • 2. Meanings
  • 3. Our Services
  • 4. The information on the Website
  • 5. Prices
  • 6. Ways of payment
  • 7. Conditions of Hotel Partners and Providers
  • 8. Communication after booking
  • 9. Privacy and cookies
  • 10. Star ratings and guest ratings
  • 11. Cost reimbursement / responsibility Relax.
  • 12. Intellectual property rights
  • 13. Photos, images and videos
  • 14. Applicable law, jurisdiction and dispute resolution

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    1. General

    These general conditions apply to all services of Relax.international B.V. ("Relax", "we" or "our") that are made available online, by any mobile device, by e-mail or by telephone ("Services"). By visiting our website ("Website"), opening and viewing the pages, making use of them and / or making a hotel room booking (“Booking”) and / or buying other products or services (“Travel Products”), you acknowledge as a user of the Website ("you") and you agree that you have read, understood and agree to the following terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions").

    We may change the conditions in the Terms and Conditions, but we will always place the current version of the Terms and Conditions on the Website. The version on the Website when you use the Website or use the Services is the version that applies between you and Relax. You agree and accept that you are bound by the terms, conditions and warnings in the Terms and Conditions that apply at the time that you use this Website and the features it offers.

    The Website, its content and infrastructure and the online hotel Booking service with payment service offered by us are owned, managed and offered to you by Relax. This is only offered for your personal, non-commercial use, based on these Terms and Conditions.
    These Terms and Conditions are therefore not intended for our partners offering the hotel / hotels ("Hotel Partners") or offering other products and services ("Travel Products") ("Providers"). To the commercial cooperation between the Hotel Partners, the Providers and Relax. separate terms and conditions apply. We have agreed with every Hotel Partner and Provider that it acts in a professional manner with you and with Relax. while delivering the product and / or service to you and Relax. Please note that the Hotel Partners and Providers may - in addition to the conditions as stated on the Website - have their own general conditions and house rules for access to and use of the hotel (there may also be restrictions to total rejection of liability).

    2. Meanings

    Booking means the Hotel Room booking (with any related products and / or services) that you make through the Website.

    Hotel Partners means the hotel organizations, which offers Hotel Rooms with related products or services via the Website.

    Hotel Room means the hotel room offered by one of the Hotel Partners that, if available, can be booked through the Website.

    Providers means the partners of Relax. who offer Travel Products via the Website, including airlines and car rental companies.

    Relax, we or our means Relax.international, a private company with limited liability under Dutch law, and has its office at the Herikerbergweg 292 - 342, 1101 CT Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    Services means all services of Relax. of online purchase, order or Booking of various products and services, online, by any mobile device, by e-mail or by telephone by Relax. to be offered.

    Travel Products means the services and / or products offered by Providers via the Website.

    Website means the (mobile) website and app with which Bookings can be made and paid for and Travel Products can be reserved and paid for and that are controlled, managed, maintained and / or hosted by Relax.

    you means the person who visits and uses the Website.

    3. Our Services

    Through this Website we offer an online platform where Hotel Partners and Providers can advertise, offer and sell their products and services for Booking. If you make a Booking or purchase a product or service through the Website, you enter into a legally contractually binding relationship with the Hotel Partner or Provider with whom you make a Booking or purchase a product or service (as applicable). We act as an intermediary between you and the Hotel Partner or Provider from the moment you have made your Booking. We send the details of your Booking to the relevant Hotel Partner or Provider and we will send you a confirmation email for and on behalf of the Hotel Partner or Provider. Relax. does not sell the Hotel Room, products or services itself.

    4. The information on the Website

    The information that we mention with our Services is based on the information provided by the Hotel Partners and Providers. We ourselves do not recommend or approve the quality, service level and classification of the products, services and hotels or the number of stars of the hotels. The Hotel Partners and Providers are responsible for reporting all relevant and correct information, rates, surcharges, prices, availability, house rules, conditions and other information on the Website.

    We find having the right information is important, but we do not check the information and therefore we can’t be held responsible for it.

    It is not permitted to use information stated on the Website for a commercial purpose or activity, to copy, to show or to download.

    5. Prices

    The prices on the Website include VAT / sales tax and other applicable taxes and surcharges. The prices of the Travel Products are as they are on the Website, except in situations when these are obviously incorrect. The prices can always change. However, changed prices do not affect already confirmed Bookings or purchases. It is possible that some Hotel Rooms or other products or services are incorrectly mentioned on the Website. We may correct incorrect prices on the Website. In these cases you can keep the (un)completed Booking at the correct price or cancel it without penalty. We can’t be obliged to deliver the Hotel Room, the Travel Products at a lower incorrect price than it should be. Even if you have received a Booking confirmation from Relax. The Hotel Partner or Provider may, if you do not show up or cancel the Booking, charge you for the applicable surcharges and taxes (including tourist / city tax) on the Website.

    The currency conversion used on the Website is only an indication and can’t be regarded as correct or up-to-date; the actual rates may be different. Obvious mistakes and (typing) errors are not binding on Relax.

    6. Ways of payment

    Some Hotel Partners and Providers offer the option to pay Bookings or Travel Products (partially or fully) directly to the Hotel Partner or Provider during the booking process. Relax. makes this possible via the Website. (In that case, Relax. is not the seller either). The payment is securely processed by a third party and is transferred directly from your credit card / debit card or bank account to the bank account of the Hotel Partner or Provider. Any payment made possible to the Hotel Partner or Provider in this way constitutes in any case a payment of (a part of) the (booking) price of the Booking you have made or purchased Travel Product and you can’t be obliged to pay again for that part ("liberating payment"). You can’t reclaim these paid funds.

    Hotel Partners or Providers ask you to pay in advance for certain (non-refundable) prices or special offers by bank transfer (if provided) or credit card, and may therefore charge your credit card (sometimes without refund) when making the Booking. Therefore, check the (booking) data of your chosen product or service in detail before you make the Booking. You can’t hold Relax. responsible for (authorized, (allegedly) unauthorized or improper) charging and can’t reverse or reimburse any amount for the valid or authorized charging of your credit card by the Hotel Partner or Provider (including prepaid prices, no-shows ("when you don’t not show up") and chargeable cancellations). If there is credit card fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card by third parties, most credit card companies or banks will pay the costs for you resulting from such abuse. Sometimes you also have to pay a part of it ("deductible amount"). This is usually about EUR 50 (or the equivalent in another currency).

    7. Conditions of Hotel Partners and Providers

    By making a Booking with a Hotel Partner or buying a product or service from a Provider, you agree to the corresponding conditions, and if there are any house rules, that Hotel Partner or Provider. These conditions and any house rules are on the Website. The conditions for delivery, purchase, use and transport of the product or service can be obtained from the relevant Provider. The general cancellation and 'no-show' conditions of each Hotel Partner can be found on our Website on the information pages of the Hotel Partner, during the booking process and in the confirmation email or on the ticket (if applicable). Please note that certain prices, fees or special offers can’t be changed, refunded or canceled. The Hotel Partner can, in the event that you do not show up or cancel the Booking, pay the tourist tax.

    We ask you to read the conditions of the Hotel Partner or Provider before you make the Booking or book or purchase the Travel Product. It may be that a Booking or Travel Product for which a partial down payment or full payment is requested in advance can be canceled without notice ("notice of default") if the amount due can’t be fully collected on the due date or payment date, such as (in the conditions) indicated by the Hotel Partner or Provider. A late payment, wrong bank card or credit card details, an invalid credit card or insufficient credit on your card are for your own account and are at your own risk. You are not entitled to any refund of a (non-refundable) prepayment amount, unless the Hotel Partner and / or the Provider agree with this or this is stated in the (pre) payment and cancellation conditions.

    To view, change or cancel your Booking or Travel Product, please refer to your confirmation email, which contains the instructions. Please note that according to the cancellation, (pre) payment and no-show conditions of the Hotel Partner and / or Provider, you may be charged for your cancellation and that prepayments may not be refunded. We advise you to carefully read the cancellation, (advance) payment and 'no show' conditions of the Hotel Partner and / or Provider before you make your Booking. Also do not forget to make your payments on time, if required.

    If you have a late or delayed arrival on the check-in date or arrive the next day, please ensure that you communicate this on time with the Hotel Partner so that they know what time they can expect you. This allows you to prevent a cancellation of your Booking or Travel Product or costs for a ‘no-show’. Relax. does not assume any liability or responsibility for the consequences of your late arrival or cancellation or the 'no show' costs charged by the Hotel Partner or Provider.

    8. Communication after booking

    By completing a Booking or purchasing or reserving a Travel Product, you agree that you will receive an e-mail shortly before your arrival date with information about your destination and Booking and / or purchase. In addition, we may also make offers that may be of interest to your trip and destination (possibly from third parties, if you have given permission in advance).

    Also shortly after arrival and after your stay you can receive an email to give your experience of the Hotel Partner as a stay and of the city.

    You can find more information about how we can contact you in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

    Relax. does not accept any liability or responsibility for the consequences of any communication between you and the Hotel Partner and / or the Provider. Relax. also can’t guarantee that every request or message will be received / read, adhered to, executed or accepted by the Hotel Partner and / or the Provider.

    In order to properly complete your Booking or purchase or booking of the Travel product and to secure it, we need your correct email address. We do not take the consequences of incorrectly entered email addresses, telephone, bank card or credit card numbers. We do not check these and do not have to check them.

    If you unfortunately have a complaint for Relax. or a demand, we would like to receive this no later than 30 days after the day of departure from the hotel or after the first use of the product or service. If the claim or complaint is submitted after the 30-day period, we may have to refuse it, as a result of which you are no longer entitled to compensation or compensation for damage.

    Because prices and availability change constantly, we advise you to take screenshots when making the Booking to show them to us.

    For consumers (in the European Economic Area): we advise you to first report complaints or requirements to us by contacting our customer service. If this does not lead to the desired solution, then it is possible to upload your complaint or requirement via the ODR platform of the European Commission. This website for online dispute resolution can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/odr.

    9. Privacy and cookies

    Relax. respects your privacy and adheres to the privacy and cookie laws and regulations. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

    10. Star ratings and guest ratings

    Relax. does not determine how many stars a hotel has. The Hotel Partners give this to Relax. The star ratings are - depending on the (local) regulations and possibilities - provided to the Hotel Partners by an (independent) third party, for example an (official) hotel classification organization, or based on the opinion of the providers themselves, whether or not based on objective criteria. Relax. asks its customers for guest reviews when they have experienced the Hotel and reviews of the visited city. Reviews that mention one or more of the following items are not provided by Relax. used:

  • Profanity, sexually explicit language, hateful language, discriminatory remarks, threats, violence;
  • Indication of full names, personal attack on staff;
  • Promotion of illegal activities;
  • Websites, e-mails and addresses, telephone numbers, credit card details; and / or Politically sensitive remarks.

  • 11. Cost reimbursement / responsibility Relax.

    Relax. only pays you the costs for the damage that can be directly deduced to a proven good shortage by us in carrying out our obligations that are part of our Services. We reimburse these costs up to the total amount of your Booking as stated in the confirmation email. A series of events that are related to each other are seen and assessed as one damage event. This is different when (local) legislation determines for Relax. that Relax. has to pay a larger compensation.

    We, or one of our directors, don’t pay compensation:
    a) with a punitive character (fines);
    b) for special, indirect or resulting losses or damage, loss of production, loss of profit, loss of income, loss of contract, loss or damage of goodwill or reputation, loss of any claim whatsoever;
    c) for incorrect information (including prices, availability and qualification) from the Hotel Partner or Provider available through our Website;
    d) for the services or products offered by the Hotel Partner or Provider;
    e) for the inability to use or delay of our Website;
    f) for which (personal) injury, death or material damage;
    g) for acts or omissions by the Hotel Partner or Provider or other business partner (in the execution of the service or delivery of the product); or
    h) for damage resulting from the situation of force majeure (force major), for example due to a strike, natural disaster or technical malfunctions.

    You agree that the Hotel Partner and the Provider are always responsible for the payment, withholding and payment of the applicable taxes on the total amount of the prize to the relevant tax authorities. It doesn’t matter whether we have invoiced the costs to you or the Hotel Partner or the Provider.

    12. Intellectual property rights

    Relax. is the sole owner of the Relax. logo, the domain name and the house style of Relax. on its Website and in its communication. It is not allowed to use it without the explicit approval of Relax.

    The software that Relax. uses for its Services on its Website or for its platform is the intellectual property of Relax., its Hotel Partners, Providers or other providers, unless Relax. mentions otherwise. Relax. retains exclusive ownership to all rights of those intellectual property rights. You do not have permission to copy, scrape, (hyper- / deep) link, publish, promote, trade, integrate, use, combine the content (including any translations thereof and guest reviews) from our Website or other communications. without the express permission of Relax. The same applies to the use of our brand otherwise to use without our express written permission.

    13. Photos, images and videos

    By uploading photos, images and videos ("Material") to our Website (including in the context of sharing experiences or giving reviews), you agree that Relax. may use the Material on its Website and app, and in (online / offline) promotional material, social media and publications of Relax. You give Relax. the non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, unconditional, perpetual right and the license to use, reproduce, display, distribute, communicate and make available in any other manner that Relax. does according to personal judgment.

    By uploading the Material, the person uploading the image(s) will take legal and moral responsibility for any and all legal claims made by third parties, including the Hotel Partners or Providers, as a result of the publication and / or use of the Material by Relax. Relax. is not the owner of the Material and will not endorse it. The exact truth, validity and right to use the Material lies with the person who uploaded the Material and is not the responsibility of Relax. Relax. therefore rejects any responsibility and liability with respect to the Material. The person who uploaded the Material guarantees that the Material does not contain viruses, Trojans or infected files. Also, the Material may not be pornographic, illegal, obscene, abusive, objectionable or inappropriate or infringe the rights of third parties (intellectual property rights, copyright or privacy). Any Material that does not meet the aforementioned criteria may be removed or deleted by Relax. at any time without prior notice. Relax. keeps the right to decide, for whatever reason, not to place certain Material.

    14. Applicable law, jurisdiction and dispute resolution

    These Terms and Conditions and the delivery of our Services are exclusively governed by and interpreted in accordance with Dutch law. All disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions and our Services will only be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The above mentioned can be different as mandatory legislation from another country or treaty that applies to Relax.'s Services, otherwise determine.

    If a condition from the Terms and Conditions is invalid or is dissolved, the other conditions in the Terms and Conditions will still apply to you. In such a situation, the invalid or dissolved conditions are replaced by provisions that are binding and that are as much as possible the same as the previously applicable provision that is invalid / dissolved.

    For consumers (in the European Economic Area): we advise you to first report complaints or requirements to us by contacting our customer service. If this does not lead to the desired solution, then it is possible to upload your complaint or requirement via the ODR platform of the European Commission. This website for online dispute resolution can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/odr.

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